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Whispers of Hope

This is the day I was promised would happen if, I would only step out on faith and trust his vision of what could be for all the families that are so desperately looking for Hope.

As I watched the machine cut into the ground on this beautiful morning, I heard these words, I heard not to long ago, “you prepare her future, you prepare her outcome, I will give you the vision.” after two years of trusting God’s mission, and vision the ground is being prepared for what will be "The Giving Family Hope Center.”

Let me give you some encouraging words, “Where there is HOPE, there is FAITH, where there is FAITH, there is MIRACLES.”

I am deeply thankful for all of the individuals that has participated, sacrificed, labored, and financially supported the efforts to get to this milestone this morning.

Jeremiah 33:3

Blessings to all

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