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A Colorful Adventure

Below is a quick, colorful story that I wanted to share in hopes I can change someone’s life for the better.

My beautiful daughter, Hanna, is autistic and has limited verbal communication. Once we surprised her with a new room color – a calming green. We had no reason to believe this color would create discomfort for her. She was not sleeping and having difficult times when she was in her room. We were awakened throughout the night and still had no idea that the color we painter her room was causing her discomfort.

It wasn’t until we were introduced to a sensory technology that we found out Hanna has sensitivity to specific colors. We learned the color of Hanna’s room was creating additional stress on her and immediately purchased a yellow color that was tested as a color that resonated well with Hannah. Upon entering her newly painted room, Hanna’s eyes lit up and her smile said it all.

The results were incredible, and we were beyond grateful for a technology that helped us. We want to share with others who might not realize the difference a color can make to a member of the family with a disability.

This experience is the reason we are developing state of the art, customized sensory rooms as part of the design of The Center. We want to create a more meaningful experience for all families.

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