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Giving Family Hope Center - Our Purpose

After the article came out last week in the Herald about Giving Hope Foundations’ most recent initiative - The Giving Family Hope Center, we received many calls and realized there was confusion. We thank the Herald for allowing us to clarify the confusion on what the Giving Family Hope Center is and is not.

The Giving Family Hope Center is being developed as a Community Wellness Center with the sole purpose of providing therapeutic support to families and friends of children and adults with disabilities. All needs will be accommodated regardless of age or condition.

The Giving Family Hope Center is NOT an institution or provider facility but a Community Wellness Center open 24.7 built to provide a place where the families and friends of children and adults with disabilities can garner therapeutic support, learn, develop, and socialize. The Center will offer transitional programs to children and adults, creating an easier integration into schools, workforce, and community.

The types of services that are currently planned for the Giving Family Hope Center include the following:

  • Recreational Activities

  • Respite Care Services

  • Therapeutic Services

  • Sensory Awareness

  • Family Support Programs

We are working with Ball State University and reviewing the latest in technology and education advancements to create safe, peaceful, and individualized environments for each family as they participate in programs and activities at the Giving Family Hope Center.

The Founder of the Giving Hope Foundation, Joe Shetterley, understands first-hand the strain special needs loved one can have on a family. All members of the family may struggle at times to understand how to help and what to do. The idea of the Giving Family Hope Center was conceived as a place to provide hope as well as support and guidance for those families.

The Giving Hope Foundation began by raising awareness of the many challenges that families caring for loved ones with disabilities face. The development of the Foundation’s Giving Family Hope Center ensures those families have a supportive and safe place to build a stronger family.

“This type of project requires a lot of support from the Community, stated (Andy or Joe), and we have been actively meeting with hundreds of organizations and families to help us determine where the greatest needs lie for these families. There will be several phases to building out programs, activities, and building infrastructure. In the first year after ground-breaking, we are planning for the capacity to manage 100 families at any given time. We will continue to gather appropriate feedback so that we can further individualize and enhance the experience for all and expand the number of families we can serve. Five years after our ground-breaking, our plan is to build the capacity and programs to serve TBD families.”

We understand terminology in this industry can be confusing, so we welcome specific questions about the design, the programs, and the purpose of the Giving Family Hope Center. The link to contact us can be found at

Our website will continue to be updated on the progress of the Giving Family Hope Community Wellness Center, and we encourage everyone to follow us on social media to get the most up to date information.

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