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Giving Hope presents to Lapel

Lapel, IN | Last evening the Giving Hope Foundation presented to the Lapel Planning Board to explain who they are and why they need the town's help. It was an effort to convince the great folks at Lapel to grant permission to change the zoning from agricultural to commercial/industrial. Chris Steeno, the Communications Director for the Giving Hope Foundation, explained to the town who they are, what they want to do and what it is going to take to get there. The presentation lasted about 10 minutes and then fielded questions from the Board and the people of Lapel. This was an opportunity to introduce Joe Shetterley, the Founder of Giving Hope. Giving Hope was very happy with the outcome of the meeting and the Q and A. The foundation was able to receive valuable advice from the Board Members which were positive and helpful. "This was a positive step for Giving Hope and one that takes us closer to building the GH Center", noted Jim Brandon (Vice President of Giving Hope) in a phone interview. We all look forward to hearing what the next step is for Giving Hope and the progress of the GH Center.

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