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We Are Established!

The Giving Hope Foundation is please to announce that we have established a great team. Our newly drafted By-Laws, by our partners at McNeely Stephenson, have allowed us to structure properly; forming our first Board of Directors and other Admin roles. This newly appointed Board and Administration, dubbed The GH Team, has forged a strategic 4 Goal Segment Plan: Start-up, Conception, Build, Helping. The GH Team held their first GH Summit to discuss the details of each of the four goals and figure out the best ways to tackle the many tasks it will take to get us from Start-up to Helping. This helped figure out how to get from the discussion of the GH Center to the building of the GH Center to a fully functioning GH Center. There is a long journey ahead of us, but with this great team being motivated by the passion of helping families, there will be no mountain too high to climb.

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